K-9 Paws on either side of the Protect Police K-9 title text. Protect Police K-9 K-9 Paws on either side of the Protect Police K-9 title text.
2558 E. Eastland St. | Tucson, AZ 85716-5721 | 520.326.4904
1. Michael Valdez, founder of Protect Police K-9, posing with a police K-9 handler and police dog.  2. An Arizona K-9 Police unit group photo.  3. An Arizona Police Dog preforming a demonstration with his handler.  4. A Police K-9 training with a SWAT team opperative.

You can help protect our Police dogs.

The mission of Protect Police K-9 is to assure that Arizona's police dogs, who are routinely placed in life-threatening situations, are as well-protected as their human partners. Given the substantial investment in each dog's training and care, it makes sense to protect them as they serve our community. However, many law enforcement organizations cannot afford the expense of vest protection for their K9 units. Due to the expense in manufacturing high-quality ballistic materials, each vest costs about $825.


Due to an increased demand for body armor for U.S. military personnel stationed internationally, the cost of K-9 vests has increased significantly. Protect Police K-9 is urgently seeking support to offset these cost increases. Please read the information below and consider helping as you are able.

Your help is deeply appreciated. Only through your support are we able to protect our Police K-9s.