K-9 Paws on either side of the Protect Police K-9 title text. Protect Police K-9 K-9 Paws on either side of the Protect Police K-9 title text.
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1. Michael Valdez, founder of Protect Police K-9, posing with a police K-9 handler and police dog.  2. An Arizona K-9 Police unit group photo.  3. An Arizona Police Dog preforming a demonstration with his handler.  4. A Police K-9 training with a SWAT team opperative.

The PPK9 mission: protecting the dogs who faithfully protect us

Dear friends -

A very special and elite team exists of law-enforcement officers who, having undergone years of rigorous training, prove daily their loyalty and dedicatition to their community. Whether you've heard of them or not, they work day in and day out - ready to risk their lives at a moment's notice - to protect and serve you. The fundamental difference between these and any other law enforcement team, however, isn't their speed, agility, intelligence, bravery, or commitment: it's their legs - all four of them.

Almost everyone has heard that a dog is Man's best friend. For almost three-hundred Arizona police dogs, though, such a statement has much more significance than you may realize. They search and rescue, they sniff out dangerous drugs and explosives, they track criminals, detain dangerous persons, and occasionally even make traffic stops. They work hard to faithfully protect you.

I started Protect Police K-9 a few years ago when I heard about a Tucson Police K-9, Dax, who was shot by a suspect during a chase. I believe that all our law officers, especially the four-legged ones, deserve proper protection as they work to faithfully protect us. In this spirit, I set out to see that all of Arizona's police dogs are equipped with stab- and bullet-proof vests. In only a few years, with the help of many generous and caring people, we've seen the realization of this goal in all of Southern Arizona's police dogs. However, about two-hundred dogs in Northern Arizona's law enforment agencies still need vests.

Each protective vest costs over $825, which is out of reach for the limited budgets of many agencies. For this reason, I need YOUR support to make our dream a complete reality. I need YOU to help us vest Arizona's police dogs. Please explore our website to find out about PPK9's mission and how you can help. To invest in the safety and protection of a Police K-9 is to invest in the safety and protection of your community - a truly worthwhile cause.

Thanks for your support,

Michael Valdez


Please note: For legal reasons, PPK9 cannot assist the public with finding homes for dogs and cannot provide contact information to anyone attempting to place an animal with a law enforcement agency. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Protect Police K-9 is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization: EIN 20-0168077.